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Charles F. Manning

After several decades of designing abstractly for works of leaded glass, Chuck Manning turned his attention to landscape painting in the early 1990s. Since childhood he has enjoyed graphic arts, only in recent years has he been able to pursue interests in watercolor and now oil mediums.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1949, Chuck has lived in Tallahassee, Florida since 1985. The oldest of four children, his family moved frequently while he was growing up, living in upstate New York, Missouri, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina. As a high school junior Chuck learned to design and assemble leaded glass. Using that skill, he was able to supplement his parent’s financial help throughout college at Ohio State University, then at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. After college he found a job in Bath, Maine, where he lived for several years before moving to Florida

Chuck is largely self-taught, but has been very fortunate to have a friend and mentor in John Stanford, a southeastern regional painter, who has generously shared his knowledge and is a close friend. Chuck believes painting on site, out-of-doors (en plein air) is enjoyable, if challenging and the exercise enhances his studio work. While his painting style is closer to realism, he notes that the best realistic images begin with a strong abstract design. When not at work he travels throughout the United States enjoying and studying the local landscape (coastal Maine, New Mexico Arizona and Florida’s panhandle). Most of his images begin as a sketch, which eventually evolves into larger charcoal drawings on cardboard of the same dimensions as the final painting. He also uses photographs and painted plain air oil studies to help render details selected for the final version of the image.

Chuck resides in Tallahassee, Florida, where he has lived since moving to the area in 1985 from Maine, returning there annually to his other studio. He has developed a following among collectors of North Florida regional and coastal Maine landscapes.

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